“When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one.”

Piers Anthony


The McStay disappearance and subsequent murder investigation has been riddled with accusations against parties who have basically been “cleared”.  Dan Kavanaugh, however, has always stood out among the accusations, for a number of significant reasons.

One big reason being that Joseph McStay’s father, Patrick McStay, for years told anyone who would listen that he still believed Kavanaugh had some involvement in the murders.  You kind of have to wonder if some of the inspiration for Dan in the role of a third party culpability motion, didn’t come from this insistence on the part of a McStay family member.

But then close to the start of trial an ex-girlfriend/friend came forward with a remarkable story. According to opening statements by the defense, a friend and perhaps ex-girlfriend of Dan’s approached the FBI, San Bernardino Investigators and the defense with claims that Dan had admitted to abducting and murdering the McStays.

Rajan Maline Opening Statements