“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?”

Terry Pratchett


Judge Rules Only One Picture of McStays (while alive) To Be Shown at Trial


On December 8, 2017, Judge Michael Smith denied a defense motion intended to keep all pictures and videos of the McStay family out of the court room.  However, the judge appeared to capitulate in part, by stating (this according to Joe Nelson of the San Bernardino Sun) that at least one generic picture of the family could be presented, possibly intimating that this would be all that was to be allowed.

As someone who cares that juries are not prejudiced or hindered in their ability to analyze the evidence objectively, I think I understand the reasoning behind the defense motion.  But as someone who also believes that justice is ultimately for the victims and those who loved them, I care that the victims are not forgotten.

Does it really serve justice to shelve the memory of the very people but for whose horrific murders, there would be no need for a trial in the first place?




Joseph McStay videoed his budding family, sharing these videos online. 

For anyone who hasn’t seen them, here is the link:

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