Charles Ray Merritt’s originally told SDSO investigators (in 2010) that on February 4, of that year, he was home all night watching a movie with his live-in girlfriend.  (He also told them that he spoke with Joseph McStay when a call came in from Joseph at 8:28pm. see Missed Call) Cell phone plotting for Merritt’s phone later revealed that there are major problems with this alibi.  This is certainly a Gotcha! moment for SBC investigators, but is it possible that there was some confusion as to time of night being asked about and also which of Joseph McStay’s phone calls Merritt thinks he answered?

CNN Randi Kaye/Chase Merritt Alibi

Alibi 138 1

Alibi 122 1


Joseph McStay Cell Phone Log
Joseph McStay’s cell phone log from 2010. Chase Merritt’s number is highlighted in blue.