Is Chase Innocent?

I don’t know. I wasn’t there when this family was abducted and killed.

What I know is that the state never proved, at all, not even close, that Chase committed any element of this crime.

What I know is that in viewing episodes of Greed and Oxygen, about this case, broadcast after the trial, I have caught prosecutors and investigators in so many misrepresentations of what occurred at trial (I have watched the entire trial a few times), I’m wondering if anyone in the DA’s office or Sheriff’s department in San Bernardino was actually present. Were they asleep the whole time? Do they have selective amnesia? What’s going on?

What I know is that something is very wrong with how this case was investigated and tried.

What I know is that Chase Merritt’s conviction should be overturned.

That’s all I know, but it’s enough to keep me up some nights.