Michael McStay

From early on, and this dates back to the years when the McStays were missing, there are people who loved to hate Joseph’s younger brother, Michael. I don’t get it. There is backstory to this, and a few people who egged this on. But through all of this Michael has handled himself with class, patience and compassion. He is clearly a remarkable man. And he also never did anything to deserve the rancor he received from internet haters.

As to whether Michael McStay had anything to do with his brother and family’s murder, it’s clear he didn’t. There has never been a lick of evidence against him. Only innuendo.

That Michael and Joseph’s mother Susan cleaned the McStay residence prior to the San Diego search warrants being executed is a shame, but actually understandable. They walked into a home that looked absent of violence. They were desperate for answers and likely weren’t followers of crime shows. Detective Dugal cautioned them, but perhaps should have been more forceful.

There is also the issue of the CPS conflict the McStays were involved with in regard to Joseph’s oldest son and the stepfather of that son. Perhaps Michael and Susan wanted to be certain before police swept through the home that there was nothing that could hurt Joseph and Summer in regard to this. That’s speculation on my part. But it seems reasonable. Also, Joseph mother’s Susan seems like an amazing mother who may have felt the need to do something to help her son. If she couldn’t take care of him in person, taking care of his home may have helped her feel more in control.

Don’t know, but although this cleaning compromised the crime scene in ways that may prevent these murders from ever being solved, there was clearly nothing criminal about it.

Michael and Susan are victims of this crime. It’s time for cyber ding dongs to leave them alone.