No. Chase Did Not Steal Money From Joseph.

In what universe does being paid for work you did, constitute theft?

Every check Chase wrote by way of Joseph McStay’s QuickBooks program was in the exact amount owed him. We now know that Joseph had reasons for not wanting these records on the internet, where they could be hacked by Dan Kavanaugh. All this QuickBooks activity is evidence of is a change in how checks were written. There is nothing to indicate that Joseph didn’t initiate this. Joseph constantly monitored his finances. There was no reason for him to believe that Chase would withdraw money he wasn’t owed. And the records show that Chase did not do this. Again, every check written was for the exact amount owed Chase.

Investigators never investigated this. They never hired a forensic accountant. They ignored exculpatory evidence given to them by Dan Kavanaugh. They made wrong assumptions.