Nothing Places Chase at the Graves

The claim by investigators that a brief connection to a tower on the Quartzite mountain range places Chase at the graves is hogwash. It’s junk science. Cell tower data can only ever place a person in a general vicinity. It is not an exact science and is prone to error. And towers that reside in rural areas, high up, are usually engineered to cover miles. And depending on the expert you are relying on can sometimes offer coverage for 20 or 30 miles even.

Chase had family in Victorville. He arrived to the area near to noon–lunch time. He can’t recall exactly where he went, but he was likely at his sisters, which is also in keeping with the cell towers he connected with.

The last time he was documented in that area by way of his phone records, he’d also been in the area for lunch–this was discussed at the preliminary hearing. The family ate at a Victorville restaurant called COCO’s. I mapped out the towers and azimuths for Feb 6, and there is a period of time where if you triangulate them, COCO’S is right at the center of the coverage.

The location of the graves could mean one of two things. It was an easy spot to bury the bodies quickly in route to another location. Or the bodies were buried there to frame Chase.

If Chase had buried the bodies, he knew that region well enough to have found a much better and more secure location. It makes no sense.

But regardless, the cell tower connections prove nothing. And the most reasonable conclusion to reach is that it is a disturbing coincidence, one that likely haunts Chase, but in no way implicates him in this crime.