Grave Evidence

This next is highly speculative, but the evidence in the graves (surprisingly) appears to not have gotten much more than a cursory look by investigators. For example, the blanket wrapped around Joseph McStay was assumed to have been a futon cover missing from the McStay residence. Evidence presented at trial raises questions as to whether that cover was in fact missing, or simply had been laundered.  The weave of the blanket(s) found in the graves does not appear consistent with the weave of the futon cover. And no testing was done on the blanket(s) found in the graves, to ascertain make or origin. (There may have been more than one blanket in Grave A.  One around Joseph McStay, the other held a child’s pull-up.  There is no clarification made during the trial whether the “blankets” are the same or different.)


Blanket around Joseph 1


Blanket around Joseph 3

The most scrutiny this evidence received is by of the defense team for Charles Ray Merritt.  Merritt now sits on death row, for a crime it is unlikely he committed.

A Killer Narrative

Defense for Merritt brought in accredited DNA experts who discovered three DNA profiles, two male, one female, that were not those of either the victims or Charles Merritt.  To date, it would appear, that the San Bernardino District Attorney’s office has not run these profiles through the CODIS database.

But what more can be discovered in these graves.  There are odd artifacts that were discovered both inside the graves and around them. Grave A contained the remains of Joseph McStay (It is thought that Joseph Jr. was also in that grave prior to animal activity disinterring him from where he lay with his father.) Grave B contained the remains of Summer McStay and Gianni.  Both Summer and Gianni’s clothing is near to them, but appears not to have been on them when they were buried.

As the picture below shows, items believed to have come from within the graves was strewn (most likely by animal activity) as far a 25 feet from where they had been buried.

Pic Showing where Graves and artifacts were found



And then there are articles of clothing, like Summer’s bra, the right cup found almost 25 feet outside her grave (Grave B).

Summer Bra found 25 Feet from GB past Grave A

The left cup found in the grave, with paint dripping toward the center of sternum.

Paint on Summer's Bra

Summer’s sweats and panties were found above her head wadded up into a ball.


Grave B Summer Sweats and Hair

However when the sweats were laid out, there are stains that appear to be urine. (It’s hard to imagine what else they would be.) And similar to the bra, it looks almost as if Summer may have lain on her right side when both the paint dripped into fingers toward the sternum, and perhaps in terror, involuntary evacuation occurred. Most of it on the right side of her pants.

Front of Sweats

Exhibit 246 Front of Sweats

Back of sweats

Exhibit 247 (back of Summer Sweats)