The youngest of the McStay family of four, second born-Joseph Jr, Chubba, had only just turned three in February of 2010 when he, along with his father, mother and four-year-old brother, vanished from their home in Fallbrook, California. A home, newly acquired and purchased in foreclosure.  But it would be this youngest member of the family who would bring them home to their loved ones after a three year absence.

Joseph Jr., did for his family what no internet-spectator or trained investigator had–he led the world to them. As if intentional, his bone fragments, bleached white from exposure to the sun, emerged from a shallow grave. Among the greasewood and brush of the California desert, in Victorville his scattered remains caught the eye of a passing off-road motorcyclist. His tiny skull at first appeared to the off-roader to be a tortoise shell, but on closer examination led to the discovery of two graves and the unearthing of an entire family on November 11, 2013. And with this, the smallest of the McStays solved part of the mystery. The rest of the story has yet to be resolved.

Regardless of the ending, this chapter in the lives of this family of four began with so much promise–