The Last Person…

Prosecutors use cheap tricks all the time, especially when they don’t have evidence to support their assertions. People v. Merritt is no exception. One of the biggest loads of crap those prosecuting Chase Merritt presented at both prelim and trial was a soundbite prompted by CNN’s Randi Kaye during her 2014 interview with Chase Merritt.

It is clear from the clip that Randi is after a soundbite.

“I’m definitely the last person he saw.”

This is an expression that is used a lot in cases like this. It is not a confession. It is a manner of speech.

Also, it is clear that this is what Chase Merritt was told by investigators, that he was the last person documented to see Joseph McStay alive.

Check out this portion of the interview. It’s a little ways into this video.

As John Oliver points out when mocking 60 Minutes anchors after the same kind of soundbite, this isn’t an organic admission by the person being interviewed. It is prompted.

And Chase’s statement, taken out of context and clearly prompted, is not evidence.

It’s not even close to being evidence. The gullible will fall for this, but again, this is just the type of cheap trick often utilized by prosecutors who have little to offer by way of evidence.