This is your grandmother’s trial

Cobwebs accumulate as at least some investigators in San Bernardino refuse to further their education in current forensic science.

Not to be unkind, but all the investigators and DAs on the People v. Merritt case seem too young to be acting so old.

How is it that San Bernardino Investigators are so far behind the times on current forensics?  Kern County, which is adjacent to San Bernardino is progressing by leaps and bounds, yet somehow time and science have passed San Bernardino County by.

They have an M-Vac they don’t use!!??  Why?

They are still limiting their computer and ping forensics to old methods.

No one working this case seemed to be familiar with current science around transfer DNA. Or probabilistic genotyping. Or really, much of anything. There was all this advancement in forensics readily available, and basically ignored.  Yet, investigators on this case did award themselves for the ability to watch a video…so there’s that, I guess.

In the words of the immortal Charlie Brown: “Good grief.”


And the award goes to…


Examining Wrongful Convictions in California