Solve the case

Regardless of whether you believe the jury outcome on this trial is correct or in grave error, there are still unanswered questions.  This is one of the few cases I’ve seen where so much of the investigation is available to us, so early on.  We have access to evidence usually kept from the public until after appeals have been exhausted.

For evidence junkies and critical thinkers and ambitious internet sleuths this case is a goldmine–what happened, how, where, why?  Even the Prosecution on this case admits they do not know.

If you want mindless drivel there are absolutely forums on this case where you can go for this.  But there is so much evidence to be examined and reexamined, in easy access, why dwell in the sunken places of the internet?  Waste of time, when there is a case needing critical eyes on it.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. So are hard facts and evidence.

Here are the videos (search warrants can be found on this site as well):

Archived Law & Crime Videos


Or visit Law & Crime Network (well worth the subscription, but most of the video viewing is free):


Law & Crime Youtube Channel


The worst that will happen is you’ll be up to date on a lot of the latest forensic science.  But I really believe that someone with a sharp eye and critical mind might be able to solve this thing.

Only you have to get off of dummy-downed, censored forums.  Leave the crap behind and sharpen your mind.

Start your own forum. The more eyes on this, the better.  

[CAVEAT to the above: By “solving the crime” I am in no way advocating for anyone interview witnesses, or pursue any course of justice on their own. I am suggesting that through basic deductive reasoning, answers may come regarding what really happened to this family. And if they do, then you inform the proper authorities.]

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