SB 14 1295 – 1303 9/16/2014

These nine warrants all share the same probable cause affadavit. The warrants are for subscriber information for persons investigators were not able to identify from calls made by both McStays, Cathy Jarvis and Charles Merritt.

There are close to 50 numbers for which information was requested–from nine service providers.

SBSW-14-1296 Probable Cause Affidavit 9:16:2016

7 thoughts on “SB 14 1295 – 1303 9/16/2014

  1. What is interesting about this series of warrants executed by Detective Bachman, is that they are for subscriber information only. Previous warrants for phone records for the McStays, Merritt, Jarvis, McGyver and M McStay were for everything including cell tower info.

    These warrants are for numbers contacted by Summer, Joey, Cathy and Chase. So though these warrants cast a wide net, they are clearly focusing on the phone activities of the two victims, the primary suspect and that suspects domestic partner.

    And we are nearing the time of Merritt’s arrest. Pretty ambitious.

      1. I’m not certain what they were hoping to find either. Without the ping info, what would the identities of these 50 or so people reveal?

        Makes you wonder how often any of our phone records are looked at.

        1. Maybe they used this list of callers to hone in on those they wanted ping info for. Could be that warrants not released are for that ping info.

          1. That’s a good point. There are black-out times in Merritt’s cell tower hits. If one of these persons can be traced by their cell tower hits to a location related to the crime (even if they weren’t contacting Merritt at the time), perhaps the hope was that an accomplice would be identified.

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