4 thoughts on “SBSW 14 1096 8/6/2014

  1. You can see by the PCA that this warrant was for the purpose of ruling M McStay in or out of the suspect pool. The 8:28 pm call again has Merritt claiming to have spoken to Joey on that call.

    It’s interesting because the very point made in this warrant to cast suspicion on Merritt-that his sister lives close to the burial spot–is contradicted by the prelim testimony and ping evidence.

    If the sister in question hadn’t seen Merritt in over a year, why would the grave’s proximity to her home be relevant? I could see if Merritt was over at her place all the time, this might be more suspicious. But if he hardly ever goes there to visit her, then what really connects him to the graves?

      1. That’s true Lurk, but LE maintained the theories that are presented in these PCAs. Some of their theories are proven right, but some are not.

        No blood found in Merritt’s truck.
        No blood found in the McStay home-not ever. Not even 11 days after the family goes missing.

        Not saying that Merritt didn’t do this, only that there is no proof that he killed the family in the home and carted their bodies away in his truck.

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