17 thoughts on “SBSW 14 1589 8/18/2014

  1. This warrant will show who Merritt is speaking with as of August 18, 2014. Approximately a month later investigators are issued 9 warrants for a slue of phone numbers and calls made from and to those numbers, from between Feb 1 & Feb 28. It would be interesting to know, although we may never know, if those numbers were gathered from the 8/18 warrant or from the records retrieved off of Merritt’s phone during Feb.

    At some point investigators get Merritt’s cell phone records for a year prior to the murders (that’s in the prelim).

    1. I just checked, there has to be an additional warrant for Merritt’s phone records other than the one the public was shown. The time period given for Merritt’s records in the released SW is from Feb 1 thru Feb 28. Yet the FBI agent questioned in the prelim had records going back a year for Merritt.

          1. It’s not entirely clearn. Boles states that he was given the Merritt phone records he mapped. He isn’t specific as to whether FBI gave them to him, or these records came from SBC investigators. Either way, the SW for ALL these records was not released to the public. The SW that was released is only for records from Feb 1 thru Feb 28.

    2. I’m going to veer from my complete support of the DAs case and concede that I think it’s possible that Chase had help. He did this thing, but he had help.

  2. What do you all think about what this Search Warrant was after? Basically all this warrant does is reveal phone numbers of those in contact with Merritt.

    1. They must not have found much because the numbers they check on later, they only look for calls between Feb 1 and Feb 28 of 2010.

  3. This warrant is for a tap on Merritt’s new cell phone. This is the first time we get information about the neighbors of both Mechele and Merritt’s suspecting that Merritt had something to do with the killing of the McStays.

    1. The inference to be had is that Mechele Muir told her friend Barbara Oglesby that Chase admitted to involvment in the disappearance.

          1. Well if they thought he killed them, they should have called anyway. They could have called from a throwaway phone.

            1. That makes sense. It’s hard to know what any of us would do in that situation. Maybe they were afraid of what Merritt would do to them if he found out they told.

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