7 thoughts on “SBSW 14 1591 10/21/2014

  1. This PCA is identical to SW 1590. The fact that Merritt also claims that Joey handed over all his credit card access to Merritt as well, seems a bit far fetched.

    Merritt had his own company. Why would Joey give him carte blanche to all his assests.

    I can make an argument for possible reasons why Joey might let Merritt draft checks to himself, but who lets someone use all their credit cards?

      1. Grav,

        I’m going to call it on this one. Just maybe, you can make an argument for Joey giving Chase permission to write checks off his account-but permission to use all his credit cards?????

        I don’t think so. Most married people don’t have this kind of trust.

        1. Agree. The Russ Faria case was just on Dateline (he was exonerated or found innocent on his second trial) there are s few similarities to these cases, but frankly, if Merritt told LE what they claim he did, IF Merritt is innocent, he’s got a whole lot of explaining to do.

          It’s really possible that Merrritt thought Joey had just gone away with the fam. (like Mike did) and resentful of being left in the lurch, took money figuring he could justify it later.

          But if he was going to face Joey eventually, why backdate the checks? And the usage starts before Joey goes missing.

          I don’t know. There is a lot of evidence pointing to Merritt planning something. But the murders aren’t linked to him directly.

          1. Do you think that KABC has been filming this whole time? They’ve applied to be at two hearings in a row, yet nothing from them.

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