5 thoughts on “SBSW 14 1592 10/21/2016

  1. I’m posting two more warrants today. I don’t have time to comment much right now, but I want to finish with these warrants by the next hearing on July 8 (and for anyone who has requested a link to the private blog I will have to get back to you next week).

    1. When Chase stayed at Keene he used the library to go online. It might seem farfetched. But do you think it’s possible that Chase printed the QuickBook checks at the library as well?

      1. You can only print at the library if you use their computers. You can’t get online with your own and print. It’s awfully risky, but maybe he thought there would be no trail that way.

          1. Hell yeah. I love the library. But I would never print from there, especially if it was in anyway private. They would have that doc in their system forever. And you have to sgn something that kind of relinquishes your right to privacy.

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