SBSW 14 1593 10/20/2014

This warrant is for T-Mobile records in order to identify if anyone attempted to unlock or use the McStay Google phones after their disappearance.

SBSW-14-1593 Probable Cause Affidavit 10:20:2014

This section mentions the absence of the brand new Google phones recently purchased by the McStays:

SW 1593 google phones never recovered

This next covers the internet search performed from the McStay residence on 2/8/2010:

SW 1593 McStay Desktop used to access internet

10 thoughts on “SBSW 14 1593 10/20/2014

    1. I know. But it’s a hard case to make that you were defamed when you regularly threaten the wellbeing and privacy of others. And your Avatar denotes extreme physical violence and an express threat of death.

      Most of the people on this case are capable of little more than a rant and a rave. They’ve done so much harm to their own reputation, they can hardly claim someone else did this to them.

      1. My wellbeing and privacy has been thtreatened by the very people who pretend they inhabit some moral highgournd. And why? All because I expressed a difference in opinion.

          1. Defamtion suits are the hardest to win. And Grav. you are right, if you are engaging in the very behavior you decry, you don’t really have a claim.

  1. This warrant is interesting on quite a few levels. It seems to indicate that there is proof positive that someone used the McStay desktop computer on Feb. 8.

      1. I don’t think so because they get the information about the search from the desktop hard drive. But that just made me realize that for some reason they may think that Merritt did use his computer in the home, only with his air card. Something in the previous warrant seems to indicate this.

        1. The murder or kidnapping of the McStays must have happened so fast. No one ran for a phone. No one screamed or made a disturbance that caught the attention of neighbors.

          And the dogs must already have been outside.

          I’m beginning to really agree with you Grav. I dont’ think that family was killed in the home. The time it would take to beat them all, you would think that some sound might alarm the dogs. Someone would have tried to call for help. Whatever happened happened quick. And It hink that takes more than one person.


          1. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that Merritt did this. If he had help, the state’s case suddenly makes so much more sense. Two people, with guns or threat to harm the kids, could subdue those parents. Just because guns weren’t used to kill the family, doesn’t mean there weren’t guns involved. Or you render the adults unconscious. Chloroform will do it and chloroform is used in some metal work.

            Maybe the burial spot was not intended to be this. Maybe the killers pulled over because they heard their victims moving around in the back of the truck and they realized this was as good a place as any.

            I don’t know. I just don’t think they were killed by one person and I don’t think they were killed in the home.

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