SBSW 14 1594 10/21/2014

Warrant to search Catherine Jarvis’s residence.

SBSW-14-1594-Probable Cause Affidavit 10:21:2014

SBSW-14-1594-SW Warrant Specifics

SBSW-14-1594-Warrant Return

1594 Missing SDSO Warrants?
Forged Checks?
1594 Inuit Data
Quickbook Intuit Cancellation

19 thoughts on “SBSW 14 1594 10/21/2014

  1. I’m not sure exactly what Chris was asking, but If he/she is asking what I think they are, I have had the same question: If Joey caught onto something Merritt was doing that he oughtn’t have been doing–why hadn’t Joey put a call into Intuit?

      1. What I’ve observed in both the prelim and the warrants, is when LE has specific, proven info, they reveal it. When they don’t have this, they get very vague.

          1. All LE has is suspicious behavior. They don’t really have any direct links between Chase and the murders. I think if Chase’s lawyers are anygood at all, they will get him off.

              1. Making a Murderer and Serial may be a game changer in some of this. People are having their eyes opened to the fallibility of investigations that aren’t quite thorough enough. The Rickie Lee Fowler case is also likely to come under scrutiny at some point.

  2. This warrant said that le got all communication between eip and quick book but they never have Joey talking to them . If Joey was onto chase why did talk QB?

    1. Chris, if I’m understanding you correctly you are asking if Joey saw anything strange with QB why didn’t he contact the company himself?

  3. I’m hoping we’ll get through the warrants by next week. Then the next thread is going to be an examination of the bones of the state’s case. And I would love help researching.

    I’m going to make this call. I believe that Intuit was unable to give LE specific data as to IP and ISP addresses for the computer generated checks made out to Merritt and to the Metal Works company (I forget the name right now).

    This could mean that no one but Merritt (and whoever he’s told) know exactly what computer and from what location Merritt wrote those checks.

    And I also have to wonder if it can be definitively proven that the check written (but never printed) at 7:59pm on Feb 4, was actually written from Joey’s desktop.

    1. These are the nuances of this case that intrigue me. They speak to the bar by which we are willing to send someone to death row.

      But I’m very interested in what you all find interesting and what subjects you would like to go more into detail on.

      Comment all you want. I may not respond, but I’ll be checking in next week, for sure.

    2. You said that most of the Chase checks were written around lunch time. Do you find it significant that the only time that a check is written at night is on the 4th?

  4. This warrant is very interesting to me. I’ll comment more later.

        1. This warrant says that SDSO was issued a warrant for the McStay Bank Records. Did the public ever get to see this warrant?

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