6 thoughts on “SBSW-14-1843 9/24/2014

  1. It’s interesting to me that this warrant is issued so late in the investigation. Don’t know what this means. It’s just interesting.

      1. What I see with this investigation is that Merritt may have been a focus as far back as SDSD’s investigation, but with no bodies, no signs of a crime, there was little investigators could do. And they did have this OTHER theory, that for whatever reason, they really liked. A LOT.

        Then the bodies are unearthed in Merritt’s backyard. No matter how thin the link to him is, this was certainly an area that was closer in proximity to Merritt’s home turf, than it was to any of the other suspect’s homes and known associations.

        THEN you have the shifting alibis and versions of what happened. And this appears to be (at least from the order of the warrants issued) what caused investigators to completely zero in on Merritt.

        And then they discover the very, very suspicious QB activities on Merritt’s part.

        The problem is that every corresponding theory following that discovery doesn’t pan out for investigators. They’ve arrived upon a convincing motive and little more.

        1. That’s what I believe too. The motive for the murders seems good. But how the murders happened hasn’t been proven at all. And if you can’t prove how they happened, can you really say for certain who did them?

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