6 thoughts on “SBSW 14 1848 11/10/2014

  1. I’m leaving these last three warrants up for a few days, then taking this discussion underground. I think we should do the case analysis off line. So comments will go dormant after this.

      1. I’m only adding people who I see commenting here. The group is very comfortable and the discussion is going well. We really like our privacy and the fact that we can discuss without having to worry about nonsense.

        Not saying you wouldn’t be a great addition, just if you don’t comment here, we have no way of knowing anything about you.

  2. Last of the published warrants. I’m still amazed that the defense didn’t ask for more redactions. There is a lot of personal info. being given here for non-suspects.

    There was one party over all others–who they got a lot of pages on. And even if QB didn’t have the IP addresses saved, Facebook apparently does.

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