On July 1, 2015 Judge Michael A. Smith ordered the unsealing of 33 San Bernardino County search warrants, related to the McStay murder case.  There were originally 35 warrants listed by the DA.  Two of these (SBSW 14-0631 & SBSW 14-1846), related to a sensitive issue regarding a minor, were held back.

33 warrants were released, however of these, there was one duplicate (SBSW 14-1096 was copied twice); There are 4 warrants on the DA’s list, other than SBSW 14-0631 & SBSW 14-1846, that remain sealed, without explanation as to why.

And there are 2 warrants referred to in probable cause affidavits, that were also not released or on the DA’s list.

On the other hand, 5 warrants never listed by the DA, suddenly appeared and were given to the public.

So though there were technically “33” warrants released, the question remains: Are there a lot more?  Or only a few more?

In a press conference a figure of 60 executed warrants was announced by the SBC Sheriff’s department.  Why the original discrepancy? Why are there still discrepancies?


SBSW 14-0630 Merritt’s Cel Phone Records



SBSW 14-1293 C. Jarvis Phone Records (1)
SBSW 14-1294 C. Jarvis Phone Records (2)



SBSW 14-1097 Merritt’s Truck
SBSW 14-1844 McCarger Phone Records


SBSW 14-1075 McStay Residence


SBSW 14-1096 M. McStay Phone Records


SBSW 14-1589 Pen/Trap/Trace C. Merritt Cel

SBSW 14-1594 C.Merritt/C.Jarvis Home Phone

[According to the Preliminary Transcript-6/15/15-there was a SW executed sometime in August 2014, for Joseph McStay’s on-line QuickBook accounts.]


(All warrants below are for numbers retrieved from C.Merritt &  C.Jarvis, J & S McStay phone logs)

SBSW 14-1295
SBSW 14-1296
SBSW 14-1297
SBSW 14-1298
SBSW 14-1299
SBSW 14-1300
SBSW 14-1301
SBSW 14-1302
SBSW 14-1303


SBSW 14-1850-Pen/Trap/Trace C.Merritt New Cel


SBSW 14-1843 McStay Land-line


VVSW 14-1667 Payments Made To EIP Storage Unit


SBSW 14-1663 C.Jarvis Computer Air-Card


SBSW 14-1593 T-Mobile/Attempts to Access McStay Cel

SBSW 14-1595 C.Merritt Residence in Homeland
SBSW 14-1849 C.Merritt Medical Records


SBSW 14-159o McStay HSBC Records 
SBSW 14-1591 McStay Amex Credit Card Records 
SBSW 14-1592 McStay Capitol One Credit Card Records 
SBSW 14-1594 (Malone)-C. Jarvis Residence


[W.# redacted] (Pace)-NOT RELEASED????(on DA’s list)
[W.# redacted] (Pace)-NOT RELEASED????(on DA’s list)


VVSW 14-1666 C. Merritt, 2nd search


SBSW 14-1842 Computer Owned by Merritt in 2010
SBSW 14-1848 Facebook Messages-CJ,CM,MYM

[W.# redacted] (Pace)-NOT RELEASED????(on DA’s list)
[W.# redacted] (Pace)-NOT RELEASED????(on DA’s list)