9 thoughts on “The Defendant Speaks

  1. Part 4 isn’t Chase’s interview. It’s the first time Steers or Bachman take the stand. But did you see how frayed that blanket around joseph was?

    1. I did notice that. Also that towel that is found in the grave; J.R. United Industries, is a towel that is made for hotel chains, specifically Hilton. I couldn’t find a way for an individual to purchase those towels. I wonder if that towel might be a way to connect the crime to someone. And the blanket reminds me of the generic blankets you sometimes find in hotels/motels as well.

    2. I think the presence of this towel is odd. Did the McStays stay in Hilton hotels? Would they have appropriated a towel from a hotel? What other chains purchased from J.R. United? How does this towel end up in the graves. It doesn’t really seem like a towel the McStays would have owned.

  2. No. I actually don’t believe that the vehicle captured in the Mitchley video has anything to do with this crime.

    I believe this because there are signs of life, consistent with known activity of Joseph McStay, after that vehicle leaves the cul de sac (and does not return that night).

    I believe that the computer activity on the evening of the 4th, the check writing, printer alignment and call to Chase were more likely done by Joseph McStay than any other person. These activities are in keeping with Joseph’s habits as seen through his phone log. That Joseph (and the family) are alive, at least until that 8:28 PM call, is the most logical conclusion to be reached.

    1. But if Chase says the Trooper was always parked in the street then someone could have been in the drive that night and maybe Chase had help.

      1. When I listen to the testimony of various people on this case, what I come away with is that each person knew a different aspect of Summer and Joseph’s life. Chase wasn’t part of Joseph’s inner circle. Chase may have been at the wedding, but it would appear from the phone records (pings) that when he was at the McStay home, it was usually earlier in the day.

        Mitchley, on the other hand, left early for work in the morning, and returned in the late afternoon. So what she observed may have been a different pattern of behavior to what Chase observed.

        It may be true, that during the day Joseph would park on the street, not only to make it easy for Summer to bundle the kids into the Dodge, but also to make room for anyone working on the home to park. But that in the evening, at the end of a work day, Joseph would park on the drive. And the indicator that this is what happened, is that the Dodge is parked to allow for another vehicle to park beside it.

        If Joseph always parked on the street, why wouldn’t Summer simply have parked in the middle of the drive?

        1. It would have been so valuable to have gotten some real profilers in on this case. If only the FBI had done victimologies on both Summer and Joseph, and in addition, have established more completely what the daily habits really were of this couple. If someone had really determined if there were times they could have been off the grid (as in shut off their phones). Did they use cash more than credit cards, that sort of thing.

          I think, though, this kind of thing has to be done early before bias sets in.

  3. Don’t know how I missed it, but it is Chase who claims that Joseph always parked on the street. You can hear how bad Chase’s phone connection was on this, though.

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