In review: On the evening of February 4, 2010, both McStay vehicles-the Dodge truck and Isuzu Trooper-were likely parked in the McStay driveway.  This was testified to by neighbor Jennifer Mitchley who stated that she recalled the Trooper backed into the drive (she didn’t say when exactly, but the inference to be drawn is that it was customary for both the Dodge and the Trooper to be parked side by side, at the top of the drive).

[Chase Merritt in his 2010 interview with San Diego investigators, did state that Joseph’s Trooper was always parked in the street.  Not sure how he would know this occurred on the days he wasn’t present.  Also, Chase was there usually in the mornings, it seems. At the end of the day, when Mitchley would have viewed the McStay residence, the Trooper may have been parked in the drive, because Summer didn’t take the kids out then.  So, where Joseph parked may have varied or be uncertain.  I actually trust Mitchley’s account more, but this could be my own confirmation bias.]

If Mitchley’s recollection is accurate, how then was a third vehicle, a large truck, parked on that drive as well?

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Testimony of Jennifer Mitchley


  • The picture above with the car in the McStay drive is not of their vehicle, it just gives a clear picture of how short that driveway is.

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